Find out how to vote in upcoming elections and see results of previous elections.


Information about local councillors, committees and the composition of Ƶapp Council.

Jobs and careers

Find out more about working for Ƶapp Council and the benefits we offer as an employer.

Plans and Policy

The latest Policies, Plans, Key Documents and Strategies relating to how the council goes about it's business and how it is performing.

Our Vision

We are working together to attract people to live and work in the area, and to build a prosperous future for Ƶapp. This is set out in the Ƶapp Outcome Improvement Plan.

Working openly and transparently

How the council works, how we make decisions and monitor performance, how we manage our finances and purchases, and how you can get involved.

Data Protection

How the Council collects, stores, uses and shares a large amount of personal data every day in order to deliver our services.

Equality and Fairness

As a council we believe in the principle of equality and opportunity: everyone should have the chance to succeed.
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